RHONY Reunion Part 1 Thoughts

July 26, 2011

So last nights RHONY part one reunion was off the chain. The ladies just couldn’t stop arguing and yelling, to the point where Andy Cohen told them they were beasts! Get the deets here.


Ladies, ladies, ladies – Shut up! Shut up and let me ask about it, ok? God, you guys are acting like beasts today… Let her speak; let her f***ing speak! You guys are all f***ing talking. Shut the f*** up!

Yes, those are the words that Andy Cohen told the ladies last night after several arguments and shouting matches ensued. Seriously, no one could even answer a question with out getting interrupted.

Ok, RHONY ladies! Get it together! After watching the reunion last night I have a few things to say to each and every one of them!

Ramona – This woman seriously seems to have a drinking problem. She couldn’t go anywhere with out her wine. Perhaps that is what she should be worrying about her daughter seeing. She also can dish it out but can’t take it. And honey, you are 54. Those eggs have dust on them by now. It was nice to see her and Sojna’s relationship blossom this season.

Sonja – what can I say. She was sometimes rude and condescending, but she was clearly going through a rough patch. It seems as though she and Kelly switched places this season. I just can’t be hard on her she was just a hot mess.

Jill – she likes to stir the pot, but she knows it and owns it. I am sad that she and Bethenny still didn’t work things out, but perhaps in due time. It seems though that she and Ramona are headed down a similar path, but I think it is mostly due to Ramona, who just doens’t know when to shut it. Like when she is talking about peoples kids. Tisk, tisk.

Alex- what can I say. She had something to say about any and everything this season, and I couldn’t stand it. She went from being one of my favorites to being the one I wanted to just shut the F up. She seems to have gotten too comfortable on the show, and she is now taking her personality overboard.

Kelly – who is this woman. All new character this season. But I will give Alex this – sometimes she doesn’t make sense. Like telling Sonja that flashing her crotch hurt her. WTF? The wackiness still lives within.

LuAnn – it is good to see her happy after her highly publicized divorce. And I am glad we are hearing less of “Countess LuAnn” we are in America and we don’t have titles, darling. She can be mean and rude, and needs to lighten up a bit.

Cindy – she did well, but I feel like she just isn’t right for this show. She is like the kid who comes to a private all girls school in the middle of the year, senior year. It ain’t gonna be pretty.

I can’t wait to see what happens next week, but I hope I can hear it. I had to turn it down, and quite frankly it stressed me out to watch it! I cant imagine being there.

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2 Responses to “RHONY Reunion Part 1 Thoughts”

  1. 1
    Ben Boyd Says:

    I believe Kelly left out a piece between feeling “disrespected” and then “hurt” by Sonja’s behavior. When Sonja flashed her vajayjay – it was a direct provocation. Kelly seemed to recognized that Sonja was actively disregardingher feelings – Kelly is a well known prude and easily takes offense with such behavior. I took it as a “take this!!!” gesture on Sonja’s part.


  2. 2
    Andy Z Says:

    If you watched the Cohen show after, with guest Neil Patrick Harris, then I would agree with NPH that Kelly is the best of the lot. He was also very critical of ‘Team Blonde’, which I also agree with.

    Ramona and Sonja are just awful people. Alex is even worse. How hypocritical of them to complain to LuAnn about her music video when Alex is parading around on TV in skimpy lingerie, Sonja is bragging about not wearing panties and Ramona is an alcoholic in denial.

    Go Team Brunette!!!