Amy Winehouse PHOTOS From Better Times

July 26, 2011

Though she seemed troubled from the moment she emerged on the music scene, Amy Winehouse did not always show it. The paparazzi reveled in snapping photos of her at her lowest moments, which led some people to believe that she always looked like that.

Amy Winehouse

Rather than remember her for the times she was disheveled or intoxicated, let’s look back at better times.

People recognized her unique voice and delivery early on. This first photo is of Amy with her band mates after accepting an award at the BBC Jazz Awards. She looks genuinely proud and healthy.

Amy Winehouse

How about one of her at the Ivor Novello Awards back in 2004 signing autographs for fans? Her hair isn’t a hot mess, and her skin isn’t blotchy and uneven like it was leading up to her passing.

Amy Winehouse

In this picture, she looks almost like a pop star, and doesn’t have the loopy rock star look that eventually would define her. This picture was taken while she was out with friends in London back in 2005.

Amy Winehouse

This picture was taken at the The Q Awards in 2006 – proof that it wasn’t just her early years that she looked healthier. On that particular night she was seen hanging out with Russell Brand. There were even a few photos snapped of her with her father, Mitchell.

Amy Winehouse

Most people say she started into her worst times after leaving rehab in 2008, but I found a few pictures of her enjoying herself at a concert. She seems full of life here, but we all knew she was struggling with addiction back then.

Amy Winehouse

And finally, less than a year ago, Amy Winehouse riding in a car in Central London.

Hopefully, when the dust has settled, people can look back and remember her as an artist and not an addict. This pictures are a good start.

Photos: Clifford/ Z.Tomaszewski

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One Response to “Amy Winehouse PHOTOS From Better Times”

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    Laura Says:

    She was an amazing artist, i love her music! Hope she finds her peace in death that she wasn´t able to find in life!