Gene Simmons proposes marriage to Shannon Tweed

July 26, 2011

Tonight on the season finale of ′Gene Simmons Family Jewels′, Gene Simmons finally proposes marriage to Shannon Tweed. The KISS superstar has been with Shannon for over 25 years, fathering two children with her, Nick and Sophie. Season six of the A&E Reality TV series has gone from covering the mostly goofy antics of Gene Simmons and his family to a dose of heavy-duty drama as the Gene and Shannon have serious relationship problems. Tonight′s episode will feature the two going for a romantic holiday to Belize, where Gene pops the question. But does Shannon say ′Yes?′

gene simmons proposes marriage shannon tweed
Gene Simmons finally asks Shannon Tweed to marry him, but will she say yes on tonight′s season finale of ′Gene Simmons Family Jewels.′ Image Credit: Adriana M. Barraza /

The season began with Shannon finally having enough of Gene hanging around with other women. As part of his penance, Gene began seeing a therapist, Dr. Ann Wexler, and delved into why he is making Shannon and his children mad at him? He begins arguing that he is a good provider, which is why he works so hard. To Simmons, money equals love. Needless to say, this doesn’t fly with Shannon, nor Nick and Sophie.

Over the season, we have seen Gene begin to change. He definitely does not want to lose Shannon from his life. But he still has plenty of issues, as we saw when the two went to Shannon′s home town of Saskatoon. Gene was actually jealous of all of the attention she was getting and ignored her on several important occasions. This led to her staying with her parents while Gene returned to Los Angeles by himself. In last week′s episode Dr. Wexler had a chance to hold a family group session, where both Nick and Sophie aired their disappointments of their father, which really hit him hard.

So on tonight′s season finale of Gene Simmons Family Jewels, the KISS superstar will propose marriage to Shannon Tweed. After almost 26 years of just being his girlfriend, and mother to their children, Nick and Sophie, Gene is ready to tie the knot. But will Shannon say yes as he bends his knees while in Belize? My guess is that she will. Just watch the video below. How can she possibly say no?


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