Remembering The 27 Club

July 26, 2011

Amy Winehouse’s death has brought up talk about the immortalized 27 Club or the Forever 27 Club. They pay the ultimate price for membership, but many of the members seemed like they knew it was their destiny

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It seems to me that the members of the 27 Club were living a fast paced lifestyle, had too much fame, too few people they could trust, and too many bad influences. Most of them also had very addictive personalities and though they seemingly had everything, it wasn’t enough to turn off the pain that fueled their addictions.

The members include: Rolling Stone Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and as of late, Amy Winehouse. Each died as a result of or related to drugs and alcohol.

Stone Brian Jones died at 27 from “misadventure” after drowning in a swimming pool and the corner noted his liver and heart were heavily enlarged by drug and alcohol abuse.

Jimi Hendrix died at 27 from choking on his own on vomit after combining sleeping pills and wine.

Janis Joplin died at 27 from what is thought to be a heroine overdose, possibly combined with the effects of alcohol.

Jim Morrison died at 27 and his cause of death is listed as heart failure, but no autopsy was performed due to French law, which says none is needed if there is no evidence of foul play.

Kurt Cobain died at 27 after shooting himself.

These are the most famous, but the list goes on and on, including Kristen Pfaff best know for her work in the band Hole.

Amy Winehouse’s cause of death has yet to be determined, but her drug and alcohol abuse is well documented, and it is well known that she was starting to suffer adverse side effects from it.

Some of these celebrities often spoke of the 27 club, Kurt Cobain’s sister claimed that as a kid he said he wanted to join the club.

Don’t live to fast, don’t forget what you have, and never forget that the ultimate gift is life itself.

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