Kaley Cuoco to Host 2011 Teen Choice Awards: Caption This Photo

July 26, 2011

The very lovely Kaley Cuoco has been chosen to host the 2011 Teen Choice Awards, way to go Kaley. In honor of this well fabulous honor Cuoco has been chosen as Right Celebrity’s Caption This photo contest for the week.

Kaley Cuoco

I was looking forward to the Teen Choice Awards before I found out Kaley Cuoco is hosting I am ever more psyched. There will be more details on this fabulous news in a second but first I want to tell you all about our fantastic Caption This contest. I know you all know the drill but for those newbies out there here is the lowdown. Just take a looksy at the above picture of Kaley and caption it by leaving your hysterically funny remarks in the below comments section. Then check back next Tuesday, when a whole new hot topic and pic are posted to see if your name is in print as the big winner. See it is so so easy and loads of fun so get captioning my friends. Seriously there is so much that be said about that photo how can you not comment.

Alright let’s dish about Cuoco and the Teen Choice Awards. The night of giving out surfboards will air live on Fox on Sunday August 7th Along with announcing the host of the 13th annual awards show it was also revealed that Selena Gomez, One Republic and Jason Derulo are all scheduled to perform. If that all wasn’t enough news the final category and nominees were announced. The category of Choice Vampire, really is this a necessary category, consists of Robert Pattinson, Nikki Reed, Nina Dobrev, Alexander Skarsgård, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. Paul totally has my vote in this category.

Hats off to Kaley on her new gig. I am sure she will she will totally kick some major but on that night.

Kaley Cuoco  2Kaley Cuoco 3Kaley Cuoco  4Kaley Cuoco 5Kaley Cuoco 6

Photos: www.wenn.com/FayesVision/Dan Jackman/TheMediaCircuit/Starbux

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