New Couple Alert: David Arquette & Christina McLarty Dating?

July 26, 2011

Looks like Courtney Cox isn’t the only one rumored to be moving on. David Arquette is making headlines after spending some serious time with Christina McLarty

David Arquette

Not entirely sure how you know the name Christina McLarty? Well she is Joe Francis’ ex-wife; they were married for a hot second last year. It would appear the both McLarty and Arquette have moved on from their famous ex-spouses, as the two have been seen getting quite cozy recently.

The duo made waves when they showed up at the Camp Playboy event as well as the Entertainment Weekly party at Comic-Con over the weekend, according to anyway. A source says the two danced the night away and that David didn’t even approach any of the scantily clad ladies, he spent most of the night by Christina’s side. There of course has been no comment from either McLarty or Arquette’s rep, big surprise there huh.

Does a couple of nights out together mean they are dating or that there is even anything going on for that matter? No it sure doesn’t, I mean they could be just friends right? I will say this though it is nice to see David out in public with someone new even if there isn’t anything romantic going on. He and Courtney may still be married but from what she has said it doesn’t look like reconciliation is going to happen, although I guess anything is possible.

That my friend is all we know about this possible new couple for now. Until we see future sightings of them together I wouldn’t put too much stock in them being a real couple, just my own personal two cents there. Let me know your thoughts on this, if you even care which if you are reading this you probably do at least a little bit.

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Photos: Nelson/Adriana M. Barraza

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