Pauly D Tags Along With Britney & Other News

July 25, 2011

At least one of the kids from the Jersey Shore is preparing for life after the show. Pauly (aka DJ Pauly D), has already began going places with his music, but this latest move is the biggest by far.

DJ Pauly D

Okay, so his single “Beat Dat Beat,” wasn’t exactly a classic record, but it was something. Some of the other cast mates on the show have made names for themselves in television, but with efforts like that, Pauly D appears to have other plans.

It was only the first season of the show, and he already brought the turntables out to rock a party at some seedy bar in Seaside Heights. That little gig would be the beginning of a pretty clever self-promotional campaign that would eventually land him a spot as a resident DJ at Rain in Las Vegas.

Next stop for Pauly? A major spot in the line-up on tour with Britney Spears. I wonder if they’ll smush? Now that would be a good celebrity news day.

…imagine what their kids would look like. Heck, that’s a $50,000 a month pay day for ya Pauly.

More at PopEater.

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