Chilean Miners Movie In The Works!

July 25, 2011

The news story that gripped the world will now find a place on the big screen – all thanks to a deal hashed out by producers and the men who spent 69 days trapped beneath the Atacama Desert.

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Before you snicker and roll your eyes with thoughts of a low budget, straight to DVD production, consider this: one of the men behind it actually worked on Shutter Island and Black Swan.

Big time producer Mike Medavoy insists it will be more than a movie about them being stuck in the actual mine:

“We’ll dig deep into their stories … We’re not just going to tell a story about 33 miners in a hole.”

In fact, Medavoy is reportedly studying part of the material being produced by author Hector Tobar, who is currently working on a book about the melee. Again, for those who use the tired line “well, we know how it ends, anyway” – Tobar insists that there is a “deep, textured story” involved.

Smartly, the men who went through the ordeal, called “los trienta y tres” (the 33), have the rights to any production related to their entrapment totally locked up. In an AP story published Monday, miner Juan Illanes confirmed that the movie would be the only authorized production thus far.

I’m just wondering how they’ll cast “Super Mario” Sepulveda Espina, who was by far my favorite of the group. He had the biggest personality of the group, bringing rocks from the mine as presents for the rescuers, and coining the amazing quote:

“I was with God and with the devil – and God took me.”

His primary concern once he reached the surface was how his dog was doing – That’s my man.

The jury’s still out on whether or not the story will put butts in seats, but I know at least one set of cheeks that are ready and waiting.

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