Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Pay Spousal Support After All

July 25, 2011

When Maria Shriver filed for divorce earlier this month, in her petition she asked her soon to be ex-husband Arnold Schwarzenegger to pay spousal support and pay her attorney fees. Last week it was reported that he declined to do either. There’s been a turnaround in events, folks, and it looks like Maria will be taken care of.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

So what happened? As you know, Arnold and Maria’s youngest child, Christopher, was involved in a serious surfing accident last Sunday, July 17th, which left the 13-year-old with broken ribs, broken bones and a collapsed lung. He was in ICU for several days but is expected to be released some time this week. With both parents uniting to be with their son, Arnold left it to his attorney to handle paperwork in response to Maria’s filing. According to TMZ, Arnold signed the documents but only browsed through them as he was distracted with their son’s condition following the surfing accident. Hmm. Do you believe that story or do you think his change of heart was because of all the bad publicity he received for denying her support? Yeah, I believe the latter as well. Maria obviously was hurt that Arnold would deny her support, because hello, it was his philandering ways which caused Maria to leave their marriage in the first place.

They did both agree on joint custody for their two minor children, Patrick and Christopher. Maria recently purchased a $10 million home in Brentwood, not far from the home she and Arnold shared with their children. It’s also the same home that Arnold’s love child with former housekeeper Mildred Baena was conceived. Ugh. Anyways, Maria reportedly wanted to stay relatively close to the Schwarzenegger abode so that it would be easy for the children to go back and forth between their parents’ homes.

So talk to me readers… Is Arnold trying to save face?

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3 Responses to “Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Pay Spousal Support After All”

  1. 1
    roccs Says:

    I’ll bet Maria’s smiling over Arnold’s signature. Whether he signed on purpose or not doesn’t really matter; Maria will be smiling all the way to the bank……

  2. 2
    AcaiBerry Says:

    You’r AWESOME sir..

  3. 3
    Celebrity Smiles Says:

    Of course he should have to pay alimony. It isn’t like he doesn’t make enough.