Supernatural Season 7 Updates (Video)

July 26, 2011

This CW’s ‘Supernatural’ attended Comic Con this weekend, holding a panel in Hall H. Showing up to talk The Winchesters, demons, angels and more was show runner Sera Gamble, and the series’ stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, among other cast members. Get the details here surrounding season 7 and watch the clip of the upcoming episode ‘The Girl Next Door’.

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After leaving fans with a massive cliff hanger at the end of season 6, the cast and show runners behind Supernatural made their way to this year’s Comic Con to discuss a whole bunch of new details when it comes to season 7.

Talking to a room filled with energetic, loyal followers of the show, the cast and crew discussed not only the return of Death in the new season, but the return of Jo Harvelle as well. Of course, why or how the two will make their return was not divulged. Also making a comeback is the spunky and feisty Sheriff Mills, who Jim Beaver hopes will give Bobby a little romance! That will be a first.

“There’s never really any definitive closure for anybody on the show – you can always come back”, Jensen Ackles told THR.

In bigger news, a couple of new interviews circulating around the web with Jared Padelicki, the younger Winchester brother, revealed that one of the main focuses of season 7 will be the “fundamentals” of Sam and Dean’s humorous, but sometimes tough relationship. Their shady identities and credit card scams will also make its way too the forefront.

“Let’s hear some more screaming! It smells like Robert Pattinson up here,” Jared Padalecki yelled to fans.

Aside from all of these latest tid bits, other details shared was the use of ninja stars that are kept in Dean’s trunk, and another possible meta episode. Gamble, didn’t however, touch too much on Misha Collins’ involvement in the upcoming year. Keeping things top secret, it was only announced that everyone’s power hungry angel, Castiel, will appear in the first two episodes of the season.

Supernatural returns September 23rd on The CW. In the mean time, check out a clip from the third episode of the new season, “The Girl Next Door’ with guest star Jewel Staite, that was directed by Jensen Ackles.

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