Lohan’s Lawyer Claims She Can’t Afford Therapy!

July 22, 2011

This is rich, or maybe it isn’t. Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer said that the actress (is she?) doesn’t have the money to pay for the private therapy sessions she is being court ordered to attend.

Lindsay Lohan

To be clear, the girl who shows up in court with a pair of sunglasses worth more than the average person’s rent ($995) can’t pony up the dough for a shrink? Oh, and let’s not leave out her shoes, which supposedly retail for over $1,000.

If you’re keeping score, those two items together could get her at least eight hours at $250 an hour, which would be a pretty damn expensive hourly rate.

For this one, the diva devil is in the details. It turns out that she is seeking to attend private sessions because the less expensive group sessions would most certainly be ruined by fat guys with cameras (also known as the paparazzi).

Either way, the judge (who I am liking this week) decided that the excuse was not going to fly, saying:

“If she doesn’t have the means, she’s got to find someone to help her out…”

Sure, sure, Lindsay can just hit up one of the A-listers that she hangs out with. I mean, it’s not like she spends her time with no-name weirdos or anything, right?

So, what about health insurance? It turns out that ‘ole Lilo has some of the same problems that many Americans are facing after all. According to her lawyer, she lost her Screen Actor’s Guild provided insurance because she hasn’t been working enough in the movie industry.

Excuses aside, she is ordered to begin attended therapy sessions within a 21 day time frame. Otherwise she could be in violation of the terms of her probation…and you know what happened to her last time, right?

She basically got to hang out at home and read scripts. Tough life, eh?

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