Which Celebrities Married Non-Celebrities?

July 22, 2011

Celebrities married to non-celebrities far outweigh those celeb power couples in the entertainment world. Who are these little known celebrity spouses? Check out my list below.

Matt Damon Luciana Barroso

Who is that beauty that the Good Will Hunting star married? Matt Damon’s wife is Luciana Barroso, a bartender whom he met while he was in Miami filming Stuck on You. They started dating and two years later they were wed in December of 2005. Together they had three children, Isabella, who is 5, Gia, who is almost 3 and Stella, who was born in October 2010. Barroso’s daughter Alexia is from her previous marriage, and Damon is quite the doting stepfather.

Jeff Bridges Susan Geston

Jeff Bridges’ wife is Susan Geston, whom he married in 1977. Wow! That is an eternity by Hollywood standards, eh? This longtime couple have three children, Isabelle (b. 1981), Jessica (b.1983) and Hayley (b.1985). Following his Best Actor Oscar win last year for his role as Bad Blake in Crazy Heart, reporters asked what the secret was to his success. He said, “Oh, well, first thing that pops into my mind is my wife, my support, you know. She holds that kite string. Lets me go way out there, and then it’s so sweet being reeled back in.” Ahh, so sweet!

Eric Bana Rebecca Gleeson

Ahh, that hottie Aussie Eric Bana. He married his wife, Rebecca Gleeson, back in 1997. How did they meet? She was a publicist for a TV network where he worked and the rest they say, is history. They have two adorable kids, Klaus and Sophia.

Patrick Dempsey Jillian Fink

Sigh…McDreamy. Patrick Dempsey’s wife certainly is one lucky lady! The Grey’s Anatomy star wed Jillian Fink in 1999. They first laid eyes on each other when he had an appointment for a haircut….gasp!!….at her salon. They have three children, Tallulah, who is 9 and twins Patrick and Darby are 4.

Ellen Pompeo Chris Ivery

Here’s another Grey’s Anatomy star who married a non-celebrity. Ellen Pompeo’s husband is Chris Ivery, a record producer. In November, they will celebrate four years of marriage. In September, their daughter Stella Luna will turn two years old.

Will Ferrell Viveca Paulin

Funnyman Will Ferrell’s wife is Viveca Paulin, an actress whom he married in 2000. They took an acting class together in 1995, which is where they first met. Their household consists of three boys, Magnus, Mattias and Axel.

Tina Fey Jeff Richmond

SNL alum Tina Fey married Jeff Richmond in June of 2001. They dated for seven years prior to saying their ‘I do’s’. Richmond is no stranger to the 30 Rock family, as he is the composer on the sitcom and produces all the music. Their daughter Alice will turn 6 in September. She will soon have a sibling, as Tina is pregnant and due in the fall.

There you have it, folks. Just a sampling of celebrities married to non-celebrities. Who else are some little known celebrity spouses? Leave me your answers in the comments section below!

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