Selena Gomez Perfume On The Way

July 22, 2011

Actress Selena Gomez is now working on her very own signature scent. Get the details surrounding Gomez’s upcoming perfume line below the fold, and other news when it comes to Justin Bieber’s gal pal.

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Selena Gomez appears to be taking a note from her heart throb boyfriend Justin Bieber. Building her empire, the ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ star is now working on a new business venture – her own perfume line.

Rumored to be hitting shelves next year, the eighteen year old is developing her own scent with Adrenalina. Still in the beginning stages, the Disney performer spoke to E!Online about the untitled fragrance:

“I’ve been working on my fragrance or almost a year now. I’m excited (because) its something I’m interested in…I’m already doing the whole process of smelling things and designing it and the campaign and everything, so it’ll be fun.”

Will Justin Bieber be helping his girlfriend? According to a recent sit down with The Hollywood Reporter, Bieber knows a thing or two about successful perfumes. His ‘Someday’ scent, made for women, is said to be “shattering all celebrity” branded perfumes on the market right now. Since its success the singer is still keeping in mind the possibilities of a cologne aimed at the male population, but for now that will have to wait. Justin has announced that he will be taking a month off from his responsibilities. Beach side photos of Selena Gomez and Bieber should be on the way!

In other news, Selena will also show up on the cover of Elle Mexico. The actress was coined the “the girl of the moment” by the mag. The young star who says she will be focusing more on her actor career in the future will appear in Elle’s August 2011 edition.

What do you think of a Selena scent? Leave us your thoughts below.

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Credit: Will Alexander/WENN

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