Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s Son Christopher In Surfing Accident

July 22, 2011

Maria and Arnold are making headlines again today but this time it is not about their nasty divorce. Unfortunately it has to do with their son Christopher who was involved in a surfing accident.

Christopher Schwarzenegger

According to 13-year old Christopher Schwarzenegger is in serious condition thanks to a boogie boarding accident. His injuries sustained during the incident include a collapsed lung, a couple of broken ribs and some broken bones. If it sounds serious, well it is, the young teen is currently in the ICU where he has been since Sunday when the accident occurred. It is further being reported that Maria was with her son on the beach when the accident happened. Details of what actually caused the accident have not been released yet, all we know is that something went very very wrong, obviously.

Christopher’s siblings Patrick and Katherine both sent out Tweets today updating followers on the younger Schwarzenegger’s condition. They each thanked everyone for their well wishes and indicated that their brother is strong and getting better. Here is hoping that he has a super fast and speedy recovery.

I tell you what that family is having one heck of a year, especially Maria. From finding out that Arnold had a love child who was 10 years old to the now oh so bitter divorce between Schwarzenegger and Shriver,it is a drama filled year so far for them. I sure feel for all of them except Arnold who is a lying cheating jerk off in my book but this is not the time or place for that rant. Those poor kids sure seem to have a lot to deal with. Hopefully they get some good news soon, especially where Christopher is concerned.

That is all I know about this hot topic but if you have any additional info or just want to share some thoughts with me please feel free.

Christopher Schwarzenegger 2

Photos: Tercero/Adriana M. Barraza

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