Big Brother 13, Week 3 Eviction Recap

July 22, 2011

The fur was flying on Big Brother 13 as we recap the Week 3 live Eviction Show. As posted last time when I provided spoilers, HOH Jordan had put Newbie pairing Adam and Dominic up on the chopping block. The purpose was to evict Dominic, and give Adam a Golden Key to secure his allegiance to the Returning Power Couples (RPC). But, Dominic won the Power of Veto, and thus took Adam and he off the block.

big brother 13 eviction recap
Jordan and Jeff had a rough week as HOH with Rachel throwing her temper about. Image Credit: Nikki Nelson /

During the POV challenge, Rachel had made some snide remarks about Jordan over her giving up. The object was to walk across a beam while chewing gumballs which were used to form a POV symbol. If you fell off the beam, you were out, unless you agreed to be on slop for 2 weeks. When Jordan fell off, she was going to do the slop, but her fella, Jeff, told her not to. When Rachel fell off, she did agree to be on slop but it still did her no good as she fell off a second time.

So after the POV contest, Rachel and Jeff had a heated exchange in front of everybody. Brendon intervened as Rachel hid behind some bushes to cry. But the damage was done with the whole house seeing a division in the RPC alliance. Now, even before Jordan put Dominic and Adam up for eviction, Rachel had pushed for putting Cassi and Shelly on the chopping block, because she wanted Cassi out. Cassi irritated Rachel when Cassi voiced her desire to evict Porsche instead of Keith the previous week. Rachel had become extremely protective of Porsche, who was promised an alliance by Rachel and Brendon.

Cassi used the POV fight to work on Jordan on replacing Adam and Dominic with Rachel and Brendon. Rachel had to go said Cassi. For a brief while, Jordan and Jeff considered that option, but in the end they stuck to their RPC alliance and did indeed put Cassi and Shelly up for eviction after the POV ceremony. Cassi knew they had the votes to boot her, so she tried to stir up as much trouble as she could. She tried to play the victim, saying that Rachel hated her because she was prettier than Rachel. Cassi even tried to work on Brendon, but he called her out as a liar, just pretending to be interested in an alliance.

The live eviction vote was a bit of a surprise, as Cassi was voted out by everybody! Yes, the tally was 9 to 0! The rest of the Newbies knew they could not save her, so they went along and made the decision unanimous so to not ruffle any feathers. After she was evicted, the HOH competition was held. It was a match the responses with the voting public game. Rachel wound up winning her second tour as Head of Household, keeping the RPC alliance in firm control of the Big Brother 13 house. Next set of recaps and spoilers will follow the Sunday night show, so stay tuned and see who Rachel puts on the block.


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