Celebrity Quote of The Week: Vanessa Hudgens

July 22, 2011

Ahhh, the week is almost over. Those crazy celebs kept us busy, that’s for sure. This week one young Hollywood actress cut off her gorgeous long locks. Find out what Vanessa Hudgens had to say about her new short hairstyle in our Celebrity Quote of the Week column below.

Vanessa Hudgens

As you can see from the above picture, Vanessa Hudgens looks quite different. I had to do a double take when I saw her pic. Gone are those beautiful brown tresses replaced with a very short ‘do. She looks much older than her young 22 years, and I must say that I’m not digging the ‘do. So where did she go to have get this new haircut? Not one of those Beverly Hills salons. Nope, girlfriend grabbed some shears and started whacking away at her hair. Say what? Yep, she chopped off those locks herself. Well, I have to admit she did a pretty good job but I don’t think she should quit her day job. So why the change? A fresh new look after her split with longtime love Zac Efron? No, the ‘High School Musical’ star cropped her locks for her role in the upcoming movie ‘Gimme Shelter’, in which she plays a pregnant homeless girl. The flick co-stars Rosario Dawson and Brendan Fraser.

How did she feel about cutting off her beautiful long hair? She told Access Hollywood:

“Oh man, it’s really intense. I’m still getting used to it. Honestly, I kind of feel like a soccer mom, but we’re going to let that go. There’s nothing wrong with soccer moms, but I’m only 22!”

That’s right, there’s nothing wrong with being a soccer mom. ;) She admits to missing her hair and added, ‘there’s nothing I can do about it’. Oh honey, it’s just hair. It’ll grow back!

So what do you think, readers? Is Hudgens still hot? Or NOT? Give me your long or short of it in the comments section below. Heh heh.

Have a great weekend Right Celebrity readers! We’ll see you next week for another installment of ‘Celebrity Quote of the Week’.

Photos: www.wenn.com/Apega

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