Arnold Schwarzenneger Doesn’t Want To Pay Spousal Support

July 21, 2011

Oh Arnie, really? In response to Maria’s filing for divorce you decide you don’t want to pay her any spousal support? Are you kidding me? In addition to Maria’s request for spousal support she had asked for her soon to be ex-husband to pay for her attorney fees as well. Guess what? Shot her down on that one too.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Maria filed for divorce earlier this month, citing the ever popular irreconcilable differences. Since the two did not have a pre-nup, and California is a community property state, they will split everything 50/50. Arnold’s worth a hefty $300 million while Maria’s estimated worth is $100 million. So, yep, Maria will be sitting pretty at $200 million.

While many will argue that she shouldn’t be asking for any spousal support given the fact that she stands to get a hefty sum from their divorce, I say gimme a break!! He goes and allegedly pays the mother of his love child for years yet he can’t pay up to the woman who has stood by him for 25 years? The same woman who gave birth to their four children? And one of those four children who was born soon after the love child was born? What is wrong with this man? Has he no morals? Oh yeah, no, he doesn’t.

There is one thing that both he and Maria agree on, and that is joint custody of their minor children, 17-year-old Patrick and 13-year-old Christopher. Well, thank goodness, for the sake of the children there’s no argument there.

We more than likely will not see their divorce play out in court, as several reports suggest that they will probably agree to a settlement instead. Hmmm. Good luck with that Maria. I don’t know folks, I think things may get ugly over the next several months. What do you think?

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