Breaking Dawn Love Scene Leaks! VIDEO

July 21, 2011

So the Breaking Dawn love scene leaked and it is HOT. I am telling you people, this movie is going to be EPIC!

Breaking Dawn

The Breaking dawn love scene we have all been waiting for is here! Of course it leaked during Comic Con today and is kind of grainy quality. But let me tell you. Girlfriend is grabbing sheets, moaning and definitely enjoying some vampire lovin’.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson talked BD sex scene at Comic Con. Robert said,

“I hope it’s pretty true to the book. It’s funny because things like the love scene aren’t really in the book, I guess people will be kind of surprised or interested in what they end up like.”

And Kristen added that fans will get even more in the movie than they did in the book.

“All of the really iconic bits, like the first love scene [are in the movie]. I’ve seen the movie… it’s very, very close to the book. And we add a few things too, yeah, there’s a few little surprises.”

Another great sign, Stephenie Meyer was much more involved this time around.

“It’s actually the most Stephenie has been on set, every single day I was able to talk to her all the time, any time I wanted to,” she explained. “She’s always been incredibly involved, but not to that extent. So she’s defiantly really infused into this one in sort of an amazing way.”

Seriously, I hope so. I mean this movie is so important to fans. I read the four books over the course of the weekend, and when I finished, I felt as though I had lost something. Like I was not ready to let that Twilight world go. I am sure it will be similar with the movies. I am simply dying!

Please check out the video of the Breaking Dawn sex scene below. Let me know your thoughts.


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