Watch Comic-Con 2011 Live-Stream Video Coverage!

July 21, 2011

This year, Entertainment Weekly is offering live coverage of the event, with exclusive streaming video straight from the Hard Rock Hotel. Watch Comic-Con 2011 live-feed video here, with live-streaming coverage online!

Robert Pattinson

Ever since the first Twilight film premiered, it has virtually taken over this event. They always offer sneak peaks of the upcoming films and there are plenty of appearances by the actors and actresses to keep Twi-hards drooling.

This year should be no exception. With the epic, two-part finale of the Twilight Saga on the horizon, fans are dying for any glimpse into the movie they can get their hands on. In fact, the cast of the film even showed up to offer a surprise breakfast this morning to the droves of fans who have been waiting outside of the hotel.

They brought fruit, muffins and water to the fans that sacrificed it all to catch a fleeting look at the Twilight cast in real life.

Of course Twilight is only one of the many areas that will be covered this year. Here is more from EW on what you can expect from their live-feed:

“It’s a cool and easy way to watch EW’s exclusive coverage of Comic-Con 2011, and for your readers to participate in the action. Fans can watch their favorite actors, casts, and comic-book heroes streamed live on Thursday, Friday and Saturday up close as they speak with EW’s editorial staff and hang out at EW’s exclusive rooftop spot at the Hard Rock Hotel. EW and NowLive will also allow fans to submit their own questions to their favorite stars to be answered in real-time online. I’ve included some additional information on the partnership below. Let me know if you have any questions. We’d love for you to cover the partnership and even stream the action live from your site.”

Watch below:




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