Entourage’s Jerry Ferrara’s Slim Down, Before & After Photos

July 21, 2011

Holy hotness Entourage’s Jerry Ferrara is looking FINE. He has come a long way since the shows debut and we have the before and after photos to prove it.

Jerry Ferrara

The Entourage crew was out in full force on Tuesday in New York City to celebrate the premiere of the new and final season of their show. It might have been the show that brought people there but it was a slimmed down Turtle, a.k.a Jerry that had people talking. All I can say is he is no longer the chubby sidekick, he is a bona fide hottie.

Ferrara recently spilled to Us Weekly how he went from chunky to fit. It was actually very simple he reveled he did it by changing his lifestyle. Jerry shared it has been a year and half since he began to shed the pound, a process consisting of eating well and exercising, nothing that we all haven’t been told before right. The actor also revealed it was a gradual process which I have to say reminded me that although I am not seeing the dramatic results I want now if I am patient and take it slow I too can slim down. Sorry little off track there. Anyway what I really admire is that he wasn’t like oh I did nothing the weight just came off like some celebs do, I hate that.

In honor of Jerry’s amazing success I thought it would be nice to have some transformation photos for you all to see. He really does look like a totally completely different person from when the show first started.

There you have it my thoughts on the weight loss transformation of Jerry Ferrara, now how about you share yours with me and don’t forget to catch the premiere of the final season of Entourage this Sunday on HBO!

Jerry Ferrara 2Jerry Ferrara 3Jerry Ferrara 4Jerry Ferrara 5

Photos: www.wenn.com/PNP/Michael Wright/Adriana M. Barraza/Owen Beiny

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