Celebrities Being Asked To Marine Corps Ball, A New Trend or Passing Phase?

July 20, 2011

Another celebrity has been asked to the Marine Corps Ball which has prompted me to wonder is this going to be a trend or a quick phase?

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Miley Cyrus is the latest celeb to be asked to attend the infamous ball for my favorite branch of the armed forces. The Youtube video popped up today, there has been no word yet from Miley’s camp as to whether or not she will accept this initiation. You can check out the super cute video below.

If you are keeping count Cyrus is the fourth celebrity in about a week to receive an invite to the infamous ball. This got me thinking about whether or not this is a trend that will continue for awhile or passing phase. I have a feeling this is a new found trend that is here to stay. Seriously I think at this rate each ball, because there are numerous throughout the country, will be like an A-list party. Honestly though I have to say it is pretty freaking cool that these men and woman who serve our country are asking Hollywood’s finest to attend with them. Who deserves to have their famous crush on their arm for one night more than the men and woman who risk their lives for our country, no one I tell you.

That being said it makes me wonder if this isn’t going to start a trend where just anyone goes on Youtube and asks a celeb to an event. I sure hope not but I gotta feeling this cool trend that is happening is going to quickly get ruined by some yahoos looking to try and get some time with a famous person.

Those are my thoughts on this very hot topic now I want you to share yours with me. There is so much to say about it and I know you all have an opinion so spill it!

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