Grey’s Anatomy Star Eric Dane Checked Into Rehab!

July 20, 2011

Hunky Grey’s Anatomy star Eric Dane has checked himself into rehab. He actually did it earlier this month according to his rep.

Eric Dane

A spokesperson for the actor confirmed that he did in fact check into rehab recently. The 30 day stint is voluntarily and was a decision Dane made in order to help him get off a pain medication that was prescribed for him after he suffered a sports injury.

Although he is seeking treatment Eric is expected to begin shooting the new season of the ABC hit TV show next week, which is a very good sign if you ask me. I mean we don’t know the extent of his addiction but it seems he took a preventative action to me, especially if he able to go back to work right away. No other details have been given at this time expect a supposed source close to Eric apparently told Star Magazine, that the actor felt things spiraling out of control which is why he chose to seek treatment. It is Star Magazine so I don’t know how much faith I would put into the alleged source, just my two cents there.

I for one applaud Dane for realizing he has an addiction and wanting to do something about it As you may or may not know Eric’s lovely wife Rebecca Gayheart is preggers with the couple’s second child, daughter Billie is 16 months old. He clearly wanted to put his family first, you gotta love that.

Well my friends, Eric Dane is the latest celebrity to enter rehab. The good news is it doesn’t seem like we have another Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan on our hands here. McSteamy made the choice all on his own. Here is hoping he nips this thing in the bud, he has a lot going for him.

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Photos: Nelson/STS/Adriana M. Barraza/Beiny

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