Jennifer Lopez: “Through the Years” PHOTOS

July 19, 2011

I love writing these “Through the Years” posts, and with Jennifer lopez all over the news these days I thought she was overdue for a nice write up. Of course my favorite part is looking at all the old pictures, and I have thirty for you to flip through!

Jennifer Lopez

The pictures I found are amazing. I have some of Lopez as a child, some of her in Janet Jackson’s music video back when she was just a dancer. Some of her old house – when Jenny was actually from the block, and didn’t actually own the block and more.

She started off on In living Color, and then hit it big on Money Train. Selena put her on the map in the Latina world, and she won her first award. It was all growth from there.

One of my favorite films was the Cell. That movie is so good, yet so disturbing. She really proved her diversity in that film. She has done her fair share of movies, and even had some flops, but it is safe to say this mama is a triple threat. She can sing, she can act, she can dance, and oh yeah – she designs clothes too!

We have seen her cycle through men – bad boys like Diddy, high profile with Ben Affleck, and weirdo’s like Marc Anthony. She also has two beautiful twin babies with him, so we will let her slide on that one.

Now we watch her build others up on American Idol, as well as sing to her tunes in our car. She is an idol in her own right, and she has gone from back-up dancer to superstar. Don’t mess with J.Lo!

Hopefully this divorce doesn’t hold her down and she has the support she needs to get her through this tough time.

Enjoy the pictures!!!

Jennifer Lopez 31Jennifer Lopez 30Jennifer Lopez 29Jennifer Lopez 26Jennifer Lopez 25Jennifer Lopez 24Jennifer Lopez 23Jennifer Lopez 22Jennifer Lopez 21Jennifer Lopez 20Jennifer Lopez 20 1Jennifer Lopez 19Jennifer Lopez 18Jennifer Lopez 17Jennifer Lopez 16Jennifer Lopez 15Jennifer Lopez 14Jennifer Lopez 13Jennifer Lopez 12Jennifer Lopez 11Jennifer Lopez 10Jennifer Lopez 9Jennifer Lopez 8Jennifer Lopez 7Jennifer Lopez 6Jennifer Lopez 5 1Jennifer Lopez 4 1Jennifer Lopez 2 1Jennifer Lopez 1 1 2Jennifer Lopez

Click each thumbnail to enlarge.

Photos: True/Fayes Vision

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