Lady Gaga: Fashion Fail at Sirius Building in NYC

July 19, 2011

Alright, alright. We’ve picked on Lady Gaga plenty of times for this column, but it would probably be more obnoxious to completely ignore her.


I’ve always said that they call it “high fashion” because you would have to be “high” to appreciate it. Well, with Lady Gaga’s recent admission that she still smokes pot occasionally, that saying might hold true.

She showed up outside of the Sirius Radio building for the Howard Stern show this week looking like she left the dry-cleaner’s bag on her outfit.

Not only did the lower half have what appeared to be thick plastic wrapped around it, but it came along with a facial covering that looked like Muslim lingerie.

I guess she decided to drag along an awkward box with her that passes as a purse.

What’s even stranger is that she was at the building to be interviewed by Howard Stern. There are video clips on the web of the actual sit down showing her wearing a different outfit.

Who changes clothes for a radio interview? I guess Gaga does.

That’s alright because we still love her. I’m just wondering what she would look like in a t-shirt and jeans…


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