Rupert Murdoch’s Wife Is Gangsta! (Video)

July 19, 2011

By now everyone has seen the video. The octogenarian who founded the epic media conglomeration known as News Corp nearly left a hearing in England with pie on his face. Enter Wendi Deng.

Wendi Deng

Over the years Murdoch has become a larger than life figure in the unbridled, command and conquer strategy employed by the corporate media in the United States.

Many left-leaning observers view him as a real life Mr. Burns, while those on the right consider his crowning glory, FOX News, an anecdote for the horribly biased liberal media that once dominated the airwaves.

His critics have spent the last week or so with a broad smile on their faces after the oldest tabloid in existence, called News Of The World, fell to a dramatic voice mail hacking scandal. Owned by Murdoch’s News Corp, the paper is accused of committing untold dastardly deeds in its efforts to break exclusive stories in England.

So who was called out on the carpet? Well, the chairman and CEO of its parent company — of course.

The frail 80-year-old confidently answered questions at an emergency session of parliament this week alongside his wife Wendi. As the hearing drolled along, a man who goes by Jonnie Marbles attempted to smack him in the face with a cream pie.

Oh, no you don’t. Not when his 46-year-old wife is nearby. She stood up and all but intercepted the man with a ferocious right-handed claw strike.

You see, it takes guts to be married to someone named Rupert in the first place, most especially THIS Rupert. She probably played out a similar scenario in her head many times…what to do when one of these liberal loons finally breaks through security.

The video is priceless, and I have earned a weird form of respect for her. The guy is just lucky a bobby was there to break things up or he might have found himself limping home.

Watch it below…Unfortunately much of the action occurs just outside of the frame, but it’s worth a look.

Photos: Wilson

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