True Blood: “I’m Alive And On Fire” Recap

July 18, 2011

This week True Blood: “I’m Alive And On Fire” really below me away. Some of my favorite scenes yet in this series. I cannot wait to see where they go with this!

true blood season 4

So we start this episode off with a drunk Eric after he drank all of Claudiene’s blood. Tisk tisk. He runs away and Sookie calls on Alcide to help track his scent. They find him frolicking in the water enjoying the sunlight. That quickly comes to an end as the fairy blood wears off. He rushes to safety, but is depressed that he will never play in the sunlight again. I allows for Sookie to see a very soft, almost pathetic childish side of Eric.

Eric also played it up telling her “If you kiss me, I promise to be happy,” he said. Sookie said no, but girlfriend was definitely thinking about it. “Why? It’s only a kiss,” Eric said and leaned in. Bill freakin’ knocks on the door to search her home, and ruins the moment. Sookie tells him there is no way he is searching her home and they he has to believe her cause she has never lied to him. Tears well up in her eyes and everything. Boo-hoo. He believes her though. I would have hated him forever if he didn’t!

Back to the witched – I am confused but I am sure they will clear it up. We saw Marnie have a dream of the witch who’s using her being burned at the stake. While being burned she said “You belong to me. It is you who will burn for your sins.” But why does she hate vampires? And she does hate vampires. Pam’s face is now falling apart thanks to a failed attempt to get Marnie to give Eric his memory back.

Nan came back to threaten Bill and get him to clean the whole witch mess up. But in the meantime, he went to meet his new friend with benefit buddy, Portia and her grandmother for tea. That turned out really gross as they busted out the family bible discovering that Portia is Bill’s great-great-great-great granddaughter. Eww. I think there is more to this story line though, cause is it really that big of a deal? I mean they can’t procreate, right?

Speaking of procreating, Jason is getting he man whoring ways thrown back at him times a million. He is at the warepanther hellhole getting raped repeatedly in an attempt to make cubs. Lucky for him virgin Becky comes in not wanting to have sloppy whatever nasty number they are on at that point, and frees him. Jason escapes and fights for his life. He ends up killing Felton, and telling Crystal to F off. Jessica and Hoyt find him on the side of the road and Jessica saves him by feeding him her blood. I can see where this is going.
As for the others Tommy is missing, he is stupid and went back to his momma who then let Jolee capture him for fighting again. Sam went to Luna’s and discovered she has a daughter. I am not too into this story line. I find Sam too boring this season, and I don’t care for Luna. We don’t need more characters for the love of God. We also learn Luna’s ex is a werewolf. Whoopptie.

Another big story line I absolutely hate: Mikey. Terry put Mikey down next to his creepy old doll while he went to do laundry and when he came back, BABY NOT YOURS, was written on the wall in marker and Mikey had it all over his face. I think it is the doll but with all the creepy shiz going on with people hurting their children and stuff, I just feel this crosses the line. Arlene hates her kid and that is just sick. Call me prude. I read this crap in the news all the time and I don’t want more of it in my favorite show.

Anyway it was a great episode other than that! Cant wait to see what next week brings! One word for me – GODRIC!!!!

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