Hi-Yo Silver. Michael Jackson Fathered The Lone Ranger

June 28, 2007

Can Michael Jackson possibly be more twisted? I’m sure you remember “Blanket” Jackson as a baby and as he’s grown, Michael Jackson still has him and his other sibling covering their faces with masks.

If anyone should be required to hide their face, it should be Michael. Seriously, is there anyone able to avoid getting repulsed when you look at him? Rumor has it that these photos were taken at an orphanage in Japan where he’s shopping for a new child.

It’s probably the one time the poor little orphan hopes not to be chosen.

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3 Responses to “Hi-Yo Silver. Michael Jackson Fathered The Lone Ranger”

  1. 1
    Adeline and Hazel Says:

    The Masked Son of Michael Jackson…

    These pictures are said to have been taken while Michael Jackson was at an orphanage in Japan shopping for a new pet child.
    As you can see, Jacko still has his children covering their faces with masks. Pictured in the black mask is Blanket Jackson. …

  2. 2
    A.E. Says:

    Their Stepfather needs to let them have normal lives.

  3. 3
    donna hughes Says:

    you people need to get a life..for a start michael covered the faces of his children for his own reasons…for gods sake hes a superstar..hes done it for there own protection. and as for him `shopping’for a new child..well if that was true i say that that child would have be very lucky to have mj as a father. so leave him alone for gods sake.