J-Lo On Verge Of Career Crash?

July 18, 2011

If things don’t start shaping up, Jenny may be returning to block she came from. Story after story seems to be popping up involving J-Lo and her alleged lover, and it is starting to get ugly.

Jennifer Lopez

After she husband-hopped her way around for a few years, she finally settled on a stable, older, wiser man. Everyone thought it was weird that she was married to Marc Anthony, and we all thought she could do so much better.

So it didn’t come as much of a surprise that she would eventually divorce him. But now there are plenty of harsh stories about how she allegedly cheated on him with a back-up dancer who starred alongside her in a new video.

Coincidentally, he also split from his wife shortly after the shoot.

But now it’s taking an even worse turn. RadarOnline tells us that the same guy, named William Levy, is actually being sued for sexual battery of a minor.

Even though police have apparently cleared him of any wrongdoing, some girl is trying to say that he forced her to perform a sex act on him while she was underage, and that she ended up in the hospital afterwards.

I guess this William guy is some big star in the Latin soap opera world, so it’s anybody’s guess whether or not this really happened and there was a cover-up, or if the girl is just going after some money.

No matter what, it doesn’t look good to have this guy associated with J-Lo at all. I’m sure she is freaking out about this. The divorce is messy enough. The rumors of infidelity are terrible, too. Now this?

She needs to work on distancing herself from this guy right away, or this could be the beginning of a sad end to her career.

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One Response to “J-Lo On Verge Of Career Crash?”

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    OST Says:

    Who really knows for sure. I’m sure it will all come out at one point. It is kind of a coincidence they both split though