Justin Bieber Crashes A Wedding

July 18, 2011

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez crashed a wedding and even made a toast and took pictures with the bride and groom! Find out how this all went down here!

Justin bieber

My favorite little cutie Justin Bieber and his beautiful girlfriend Selena Gomez were strolling along a beach in Malibu, just outside the beautiful Adamson House, when they heard one of Justin’s songs playing. Naturally at a wedding the song playing was “One Less Lonely Girl”. They decided to check it out and found the wedding of Rob and Jeanine McCool taking place.

They stayed about 10 minutes, posed for pictures and hopped on the mic to say,
“We just crashed it. We heard a party so we decided to just come. So let’s party.”

All very nice of them! What a wonderful treat for the happy couple. I love Justin, he is one of the good ones! He has such a great attitude, is very kind and caring, thinks about his fans and that is more that you can say about most of young Hollywood today.

I am not the only one who adores Justin. Okay I know he has a ton of fans, but celebs are diggin’ him too! Taylor Swift just sang “Baby” at one of her concerts, and Katy Perry just posed with Justin at a recent carnival. It wasn’t really Justin, instead it was a rather large, and creepy mural of him. She posted a pic of herself next to it calling him her “adopted son, The Biebs. “

Justin replied,
“That dude has gorgeous locks but whats with the teeth?!?”

We agree! Don’t you just love twitter? Such an amazing way to communicate and keep up with your favorite celebs! Speaking of – follow us!!!

Congratulations to Rob and Jeanine McCool!

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