Idina Menzel To Return For Glee Season 3

July 18, 2011

Glee is bringing back Rachel’s mom! Get all the details surrounding actress Idina Menzel, and her guest arc as McKinely High’s new staff member on the upcoming season below the fold.

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Although Glee fans are still steaming over the loss of Chord Overstreet and the scheduled graduation of Rachel, Kurt and Finn, the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, has revealed some new details regarding season 3 that might lessen the blow. Murphy has revealed his plans to bring back Rachel’s biological mother Shelby Corcoran.

Set to appear in a “major guest arc”, in up to possibly twenty episodes of season 3, actress Idina Menzel, a starlet with Broadway experience, will make her way back to Glee and on the faculty’s payroll. That’s right! The former Vocal Adrenaline coach is crossing enemy lines once again and will be (per Deadline) complicating “things for Will Schuester and his group of ragtag songbirds after she joins the McKinley High” staff.

This should definitely make for an interesting season with a whole new slew of possible antics to entertain fans before the famous trio of Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Corey Monteith graduate.

Previously firing up fans with the news about the trio out for season 4, Murphy was upbeat this time around about Menzel’s signing on:

“I’m really excited that Idina is joining the family again,” Murphy told Deadline. “We missed her last year and we’re happy that she is coming back.”

Menzel is also set to show up in her own Untitled Project, a TV movie, that is scarce on details as of late. The actress has previously been seen in more notable roles such as Private Practice, Enchanted, 2005’s Rent, and the FX drama Rescue Me as the guest character Carol.

What do you think? Are you happy to see Menzel back in the Fox series, stirring up trouble?

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