NOTW Whistle Blower Sean Hoare Found Dead

July 18, 2011

Sean Hoare, who is being called a whistle-blower in the News Of The World phone hacking scandal, was found dead today in his home. Police are investigating whether or not his alleged involvement in the melee played a role.

News Of the World

Just in case you have spent the last few weeks in a cliff-side Tibetan temple, I’ll fill you in. One of the oldest and longest-running tabloids papers in the world decided to hang it up last week after some serious allegations were afoot.

For months now, the paper has been under fire for the alleged illegal voicemail hacking of various celebrities and politicians. Reports claim that members of the paper’s staff would gain inside information from the voicemails to then use in exclusive stories.

The mess has spun so far out of control that a police chief has resigned, and parliament even called a special session.

Amid all of that there is now a dead body. Sean Hoare was previously a “showbusiness” reporter for NOTW, who once claimed that editor Andy Coulson specifically asked him to hack into voicemails. The comments, which were made to the NY Times back in September, opened a virtual can of worms worldwide, which led to lawsuits and now plenty of scandal.

Rather than own up to his allegations, the paper simply claimed that he had drug and alcohol problems and says they acted with “extreme skepticism” when faced with the claims.

Police have yet to declare that the death was a suicide, and have said his death is “not thought to be suspicious.”

Nonetheless, the timing of it, and his status as one of the so-called “whistle-blowers” has lead to rampant speculation that he couldn’t handle the gravity of what had transpired.

Before long, official reports will be released detailing his cause of death. Until then, we can only imagine what might have lead to such a tragedy.

This story is still developing….

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