Did a Jennifer Lopez Affair Lead to Divorce?

July 18, 2011

Sound the tabloid alarm! Rumor has it that J-Lo may have dabbled in another man’s personal area while married to Marc Anthony – which some say led to their announced divorce plans.

Jennifer Lopez

Wowza. This would be big. Now that the world is left reeling over the announced plans the Latin super-couple’s divorce, many are starting to wonder why.

Complicated schedules, irreconcilable differences, Anthony being just plain ugly—all of those things have been brought up. But now the “A” word is working its way into the debate.

There is a story out there that a back-up dancer named William Levy just finished shooting a music video with J-Lo, and wouldn’t you guess? He just separated from his wife, too.

The coincidence has led many to speculate that they had a fling while shooting the video. Get the full story over at TMZ.

In other news:

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So, despite having announced their divorce, Marc Anthony and J-Lo still plan to launch their new line at Kohls. Talk about dedication… to money – CocoPerez.

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