Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Week 2 Nominations, POV Winner

July 17, 2011

This is a Big Brother 13 Spoiler Alert! I will be covering a number of events for Week 2 following Jordan winning the HoH competition. This will include her picks of eviction nominations, plus the latest Have/Have-Not and Power of Veto challenges. So if you want to watch the Sunday show and be surprised, do not read any further. On the other hand, if you are a true Big Brother 13 fan, let the spoilers begin…!

big brother 13 spoilers week 2
With Jordan Lloyd as HoH and her partner Jeff Schroeder helping, the Big Brother 13 spoilers for Week 2 are full of intrigue and surprises. Image Credit: Nikki Nelson /

Okay, so we last left Thursday′s live show with Jordan winning the Head of Household competition. This keeps control in the Big Brother House with the Returning Power Couples, or RPC. With Keith voted out, the Newbie alliance of Dominic, Lawon and Cassi, known as The Regulators, has been trashed. They thought they had all the Newbie votes locked up in order to save Keith and send Porsche packing. But that was not the case as both Shelly and Kalia voted with the RPC alliance.

So Dominic began a witch hunt to seek out the Newbie traitors. He suspects Kalia, whom Keith had accused to be a traitor during his tirade last week, and Dominic′s own partner, Adam. Before leaving the Big Brother game suddenly, Evil Dick Donato had tried to recruit Adam into the RPC alliance. Even after Dick′s departure, the RPC continued to meet with Adam to get his vote. But Adam actually cast a vote to boot Porsche last Thursday night.

Dominic takes his fight to Rachel, who denies any alliance with Adam. Shelly manages to convince Dominic that she voted to Boot Porsche. Kalia thinks Lawon cast a vote against Keith. So Dominic next questions Lawon, Kalia′s partner. Lawon was part of The Regulators, and did vote to boot Porsche. But during their conversation, Lawon tells Dominic that while he voted for Porsche to leave, his conscious wanted Keith gone after Keith′s crazy, paranoid tirade. This pretty much ends Dominic′s quest for traitors, as he realizes that Keith screwed himself.

Nomination time and Jordan and the RPC weigh their options. Dominic and Cassi are seen as their biggest threats. So the question is do they offer the Big Brother Golden Key to Adam or Shelly this week? There is some come concern within the RPC as Jordan is seen being a tad too friendly with Cassi. So Jordan decides to put Dominic and Adam on the chopping block for the eviction nomination. Adam is assured that Dominic is the target and suggest he throws the Veto challenge.

But first, we have the Have/Have-Not challenge. The competition was again couples playing. Unlike last week, where the losers could only eat slop, thanks to the first America′s Vote of the season, the losers have a choice, slop of Jelly Beans and Jerky. Part of the challenge involved eating disgusting things. In the end, Adam, Dominic, Shelly and Cassi are the Have-Nots. This will be the second week in a row for Shelly and Cassi.

Finally, we have the Power of Veto competition. Adam and Dominic go up against Rachel and Brendon and Jordan and Jeff. But unlike last week, which was a team, or couples event, this week′s POV challenge was individual, with House Guests making some sacrifice to earn points to win the Power of Veto. Rachel, for example, chooses to eat slop for two weeks. However, even that was not enough, as Dominic wins the POV! The first time a Newbie wins anything.

So that is our Big Brother 13 spoiler wrap-up for Week 2. Will Jordan put Cassi and Shelly up for nomination if Dominic uses his Power of Veto to save himself and Adam? Or can Kalia convince the Returning Power Couples that she is willing to be a pawn to get rid of her partner, Lawon? Stay tuned right here for more Big Brother 13 spoilers, recaps and news!


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    Brooklyn Says:

    I think Jordan and Jeff are going to switch the nominations and put Cassi up because she is clearly a stronger and better player than Dominic is. They can worry about Dominic later because I just can’t see him being such a threat.