Chachi Loves Playboy

June 28, 2007

This reality show will obviously have to be scripted…

Scott Baio has recently hit the producers of his new reality series Scott Baio Is 45… And Single, with some startling news: He’s not single.

With the debut of the series on VH1 set for next month, Scott revealed that he’s been dating former Playboy Playmate and Pamela Anderson Baywatch double Renee Sloan for over two years! Well prior to the taping of the show!

Scott has a history of dating lovely ladies, including Pam Anderson, Heather Locklear and Nicolette Sheridan.

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One Response to “Chachi Loves Playboy”

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    leisa Tilley Says:

    I watched the show and have to admit that I found it quite amusing and charming,Scott is obviously funny and talented. I realize that the whole premise is satire but it seems to me that the message you are trying to relay about settling down and starting a family in your idea of hollywood means

    marrying adult filmstars,strippers,playmates,etc.
    Jason Hervey is married to a former pornstar-stripper his business partner is also married to a former pornstar.According to Scotts past history this was his criteria for a worthy date but alas he has met the woman of his dreams and no big surprise she was also in the industry. I don’t think this reflects poorly at all on the women, its the men I’m more concerned
    with, If you have money in
    hollywood and there are many
    succesful beautiful stunning women out there why this type of girl only,I kind of find this offensive and a little chauvanistic, and no I’m not jealous I was in the stripping

    industry for
    years but I know my spouse did not marry me for that reason it is irrealavant. Anyway I dont know weather I will keep watching but good luck to Scott and Renee and the baby I hope your intentions are good.
    L T Windsor Ontario