Big Brother 13 Eviction Recap – First Live Vote

July 15, 2011

The first week of Big Brother 13 is over and I will recap last night′s first live eviction vote, as well as the new HoH competition. The Big Brother House is still buzzing with the sudden departure of Evil Dick Donato, who left the game for some mysterious ′personal′ reason. So let us pick things up following the eviction nomination ceremony.

dick donato quits big brother 13
′Evil′ Dick Donato quits Big Brother 13 the first week due to an unknown personal emergency. Image Credit: Nikki Nelson /

Last Friday, Rachel and Brendon nominated the newbie pairing of Keith and Porsche to be the first on the chopping block. Shortly after this, Evil Dick went into the Diary Room. Now, the veteran players know that Dick likes to talk a lot in the DR, but after two hours went by and still no sign of him, people began to wonder where he was? Rachel gets called into the DR and then the rest are assembled in the living room. Dick has quit the game due to some ″undisclosed personal emergency″ and since his partner, Danielle, was now alone, she would receive the first Big Brother Golden Key, making her immune from evictions and being a Have-Not.

The Returning Power Couples, or RPC, gathered in the HoH room to discuss the situation. While disappointed that they are down one in numbers, Jeff boosted spirits with his best Knute Rockne speech. In some respects, this works out well for the RPC since Danielle now has one of the four Golden Keys.

Meanwhile, Keith gathers the Newbies in the Have-Not bedroom after dancing around celebrating Dick′s departure. He then accuses Porsche and Kalia of getting too chummy with the RPC. Keith is part of a secret alliance known as The Regulators, consisting of him, Dominic, Lawon and Cassi. His fellow allies, and the other newbies, are taken a back by Keith′s tirade.

With Rachel and Brendon winning the Power of Veto competition, they decided to keep Keith and Porsche on the block, assuring Porsche that Keith was their target. So the RPC set about working on securing at least one newbie vote to boot Keith, which would cause a 5-5 tie that Rachel would break. They decided to focus on Shelly and Adam. Shelly seems game to go along. With Adam, the RPC offers him to choose the nickname they will call their alliance, knowing that he is a BB super-fan. The stupid metal-head could only come up with Adam′s Angels. Ugh! The RPC reaction was, we′ll get back with you on that.

Meanwhile, Cassi starts working the other Newbies to commit to booting Porsche and keeping Keith. Kalia only wants to be part of the majority. Shelly wonders what benefit do they get keeping Keith over Porsche? Cassi isn′t giving them any strong answers. She seems to have more luck with Adam, who doesn′t know which way the wind is blowing yet.

Just before the live voting begins, host Julie Chen plays a video made by Dick to the House Guests. He still does not explain why he suddenly left, other than that everything is fine with his family and girlfriend. Dick has posted online that his reason was due to an emergency of someone close to him. He claims he was not kicked out, nor is anyone in his family in the hospital. We′ll have to wait longer for more dope on this.

The voting itself was predictable. Keith was supported by his alliance, as well as by Adam. But both Shelly and Kalia flipped their votes and went along with the RPC veterans and gave Keith the honor of being the first to be evicted from the Big Brother 13 house. In the video messages they played for Keith, even his allies knew Keith had screwed up. Cassi called him out for his over-the-top flirting, saying that he acted more like a contestant on The Dating Game than Big Brother. Lawon also was critical of Keith′s outburst of paranoia. In short, Keith was just too hyper and cocky for his own good.

The HoH competition was a miniature golf game played on a slanted course. The object was to get the ball into the Number One slot of a numbered tray along the far side. Hit the ball too hard and it would end up in a pool of water. Hit it too lightly and it would fall into a slot further away from the No. 1 position. Rachel did not play since she is the outgoing HoH, nor did Danielle or Porsche since they now have Golden Keys. Dominic was up first and put his ball into the No. 6 slot. The rest did poorly after him until Kalia managed to tie him. After all of the Newbies had their shot, Jordan led off for the RPC, scoring well with her ball making it to the No. 3 slot. Jeff and Brendon deliberately blew their shots, giving Jordan the HoH win.

So there you have the Big Brother 13 recap of the first live eviction show. With Jordan as HoH, the RPC is still in control of the game. If Porsche remains loyal to them, then another Newbie is in big trouble. Who will be nominated for eviction next time? They may put up Shelly and Cassi so the RPC can get rid of Cassi and reward Shelly for her vote with a Golden Key. Lawon and Kalia may be an alternative if the RPC knows that Kalia is on their side. If the RPC suspects that Adam betrayed them and voted against them, then they may wait two more evictions before doing anything about him since they do not trust Dominic very much either. The Rpc would not want either of them to have a Golden Key.


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