Paris’ Release From Jail Outfit

June 28, 2007

Okay, just whose jacket was Paris wearing when she was released from jail? Did she borrow the jacket from her friend Elisha Cuthbert? Or did she just buy one as well? The Petro Zillia ($448) jacket is the same one that gal pal Elisha Cuthbert wore when the two were spotted shopping back in March (see above photo).

Now, for the rest of her ensemble. The jeans she wore for her release are from her own line of denim jeans ($88), and the shoes? They’re size 11 white Marcello Toshi heels. Those will set you back about $300. Um, not sure where the white tee is from, maybe she took a cue from Sharon Stone and got it at The Gap? Heh heh. So total for her “sprung from prison” outfit? $836. Watching Paris squirm in prison for 23 days? Priceless.

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