New Couple Alert: Ryan Reynolds and Charlize Theron Dating?

July 13, 2011

There’s a new couple in Hollywood! What else is new, right? This time around, rumors are swirling that Ryan Reynolds and Charlize Theron are dating. Hmmm. I’m likin’ this pairing very much, how about you?

Ryan Reynolds Charlize Theron

A source told the mag that the two have been seeing each other ‘for months’ now, adding that ‘they’re exclusive, and it’s very hush-hush’. Hush-hush, indeed. If there is truth to the rumors, they have done a mighty fine job of evading the paps. According to a witness, Reynolds’ motorcycle allegedly could be seen at Theron’s home on the morning of June 5th, with Reynolds leaving at around 3:00 PM. Theron was seen making an exit a few minutes later. Hmmm. Now wait a minute…it sounds like this witness is stalkerish material. Heh heh.

Both split from long term relationships last year – Reynolds and actress Scarlett Johansson announced that they were divorcing, and Theron and her long time boyfriend, Stuart Townsend, went their separate ways. Speaking of Johansson, she and Reynolds were seen breaking bread together Saturday at Little Dom’s restaurant in Los Angeles, according to PEOPLE. Could they possibly be getting back together? Reynolds made it known in a Details Magazine interview in May that divorce is painful.

“Anyone who gets divorced goes through a lot of pain,” he says, “but you come out of it. I’m not out of it yet. At all.”

Johansson started dating actor Sean Penn in March, but that relationship ended last month. Around the same time Johansson and Penn were paired up, rumors were swirling that Reynolds was dating German model Agnes Fischer, as the two were spotted together out and about while he was filming ‘Safe House’ in South Africa. Fischer also had a small role in the flick. That alleged romance apparently fizzled, as we didn’t hear much more about their pairing.

So it will be interesting to see what happens next. Are Ryan Reynolds and Charlize Theron dating or is there a reconciliation between Reynolds and Johansson on the horizon? I’m still holding out hope that he and Sandra Bullock will hook up….

Photos: M. Barraza

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