True Blood: “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dying” Recap

July 12, 2011

This week’s True Blood episode was great and I think I finally have the hang of recaps! Check out my recap and thoughts on “True Blood: If You Love Me, Why Am I Dying” episode.

True Blood season four

Sookie agrees to take care of Eric, but she warns him not to taste her and she is NOT his. It is funny to see their dynamic change. Eric is grateful, thanks her, tells her she is pretty, and Sookie clearly is not use to this side of him. She shrugs it off and seems very uncomfortable. I am definitely excited about their developing relationship. They needed Eric to forget in order for Sookie to fall for him.

We get to see Bill start banging Andy’s sister. Weird and kind of unimportant at this point. He also counsels Jessica, who feeds on another human, but does not kill him. Jessica feels very guilty and Bill tells her just to tell =Hoyt the truth. Which she does, and when he gets all pissed off and tries to leave, she glamour’s him. Just have a normal fight like a normal couple! That creepy doll is also back, which Jessica gives to Arlene’s baby. WTF?

Tara and Lafayette’s get their arguing on while Jesus sits there and occasionally weighs in. There is something I don’t trust about that guy.

The witches – Marnie seems to be trying to channel more power and there is some woman looking thru a mirror. WTF? Confused!

Jason, Jason, Jason. Man this dude has 99 problems and b1tches are ALL of them! He has attracted every crazy woman within a 50 mile radius! Now Crystal has pumped him full of Mexican Viagra and bit him all over to make him warepanther or whatever. She is riding him into oblivion to try and make some babies. Should she be waiting till he turns? Why is no one looking for him? This can’t turn out well.
Next week looks amazing, and hopefully things will pick up. They are giving us a complete new story line here, so I am hoping they will stop adding things in and get on with the action. Or blend it already! I can say I am happy they cut back on the sex scenes a bit this season, and I hope it stays that way. I don’t need a mini porno in the middle of my show. Get the memo HBO.

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