Justin Bieber Makes Strange Bedfellows

July 12, 2011

Could it be that in all of his squeaky-clean glory, Justin Bieber is starting to struggle with having such a nice guy image? Some of the characters that he is beginning to associate himself with are a little on the not-so-nice side. Is he on a fast track to the destruction of his career?

Justin Bieber

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this kid is one of the few artists that parents don’t mind their kids obsessing over. Pardon me if I’m over-reacting, but would those same parents be thrilled about the Biebs hanging with Chris Brown and Kayne West?

Those are just two of the artists that JB has been getting involved with lately. Needless to say, Brown and West have a major image/PR problem. Heck, Brown is a convicted felon who beat Rihanna senseless. C’mon Justin…find someone else to collaborate with, man.

Now the “Baby” superstar is actually defending Kanye West against the media who so loathes him. He spent time working on a track with Mr. West recently, and felt the need to chime in about his media woes, saying:

“He’s not really an a**hole like everyone makes him out to be. I mean, he can, he can do bad things, but he’s really generally a good guy.”

I’m left wondering how JB’s people aren’t making sure he is steering clear of any trouble. Doing songs with Brown and West might be good for record sales, but they are far from good for his image.

In a desperate attempt to find logic behind the move, I can only come up with one reasonable conclusion: he is branching out. Sure, the teeny-bopper thing is going to be short lived. His voice will change, he will lose the baby face, and he needs a new act. If he keeps up the goodie-goodie thing too long, he could lose his chance at reaching out to an older audience.

But will it work?

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One Response to “Justin Bieber Makes Strange Bedfellows”

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    brandon Says:

    i dig bieber’s style, hate the music. but i did like the jonas brother’s at times, but their goodie goodie persona was incredibly obnoxious and look how things are going for them now. have to expand and grow up, catering to 12-14 year olds is ok..but those kids grow up, and if you stay the same..its a bad look.