Man Arrested After Jumping Halle Berry’s Security Wall

July 12, 2011

A 27-year-old man named Richard Anthony Franco was cuffed and stuffed after Berry’s security team watched him jump over a wall behind her house and walk onto her property.

Halle Berry

The man’s attempt was all caught on a closed circuit television system, which was being monitored by the actresses’ private security team. The men quickly swarmed the intruder, and held him until LAPD arrived.

He has now been charged with felony stalking and is being held for a cool $150,000 bail. What’s worse, Berry thinks it is the same man she had previously saw in her yard over the weekend.

Read the full booking report over at RadarOnline.

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…now back to the story. Sure, celebrity stalking is definitely not a new past time, but some people are just taking it too far. The scary part is that you have to be mentally ill to think you are going to somehow get to the star without being pummeled. Maybe they should make a special jail for these cooks where they just play TMZ all day.


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