Harry Potter Star Tom Felton To Become A Rapper?

July 11, 2011

Harry Potter actor Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy, is apparently working on a new profession – rapper extraordinaire. With talk of hats backwards, and the “UK grime rap scene”, get all the details behind Felton’s record label offer, and his possible new venture into music here. Pus check out video of the star below and tell us what you think about his talents as a singer.

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Life is definitely changing for the stars of Harry Potter. While Daniel Radcliffe has dared to expose himself for the arts to hoards of people, changing his image forever, and Emma Watson’s about to don only lingerie in The Perks of A Wallflower, it’s only fitting that Tom Felton would follow suit with some surprising news. At least that’s what the webosphere is reporting with word that Felton has nabbed a record contract from an independent label. Has he gone mad, Joaquin Phoenix style?

According to reports coming from The Sun, Felton is serious and could be going full steam ahead into the rap arena. “I’m going to change my image,” he revealed. Although the actor hasn’t stated what his exact plans are, keeping them under wraps for now, the twenty-three year old could pull it off. After all he already maintains an enormous loyal following after appearing in all eight films of the Potter franchise, with other acting stints on his resume. Can you hear tween girls screaming already?

With some experience under his belt, Felton, who plays the guitar, has previously released some of his music back in 2009. Listen below. Until we hear otherwise, Felton can be seen next in a string of new movies. He’s on board the movie ‘Evac’, 2011’s Grace and Danger, the thriller The Apparition, the reboot of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and From the Rough.

Tell us what you think of Felton’s possible rap career? Is he serious?

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