Big Brother 13 Sunday Show Recap Plus POV Spoilers!

July 11, 2011

Last night on Big Brother 13, the Sunday show caught the viewers up with how the house guests are doing. After Thursday′s premier episode, which ended as Rachel won HOH, it became quite clear that the eight newbies are going to be targets for the three returning power couples. So I shall recap highlights of Sunday′s show, and then later give you a POV spoiler, too!

big brother 13 dick donato
This week′s Big Brother 13 recaps and spoilers feature one member of the returning power couples, Dick Donato. Image Credit: Nikki Nelson /

So here is the basic situation. The three returning Power Couples, RPCs, are Rachel and Brendon, Jordan and Jeff, and Danielle and Dick. The eight newbies were paired up as well: Keith and Porsche, Adam and Dominic, Shelly and Cassi, and Lawon and Kalia. One of the two main twists in this summer of ′Double Trouble′ is that couples will be nominated for eviction. The second new twist is that during the first four weeks, the nominated player who survives eviction cannot be nominated again until there are only ten house guests. They become the Ultimate Floater during those four weeks. This is called Big Brother′s Golden Key.

The RPCs have aligned themselves and plan to take out strong players among the newbies. They are also seeking to flip a newbie or two into their fold in order to have the numbers to control the game. Dick has taken the lead in vetting potential allies for the RPC, which the others don′t mind, since it makes Dick the one who can be blamed for back-stabbing the newbies. His early successes at recruiting flippers are Adam and Porsche.

Meanwhile, the newbies are organizing. Dominic has rallied Keith, Lawon and Cassi and formed an alliance which calls itself The Regulators. Since they represent one from each newbie pairing, they expect to survive the initial culling and get the BB Golden Key. The newbies are already figuring that one of the RPCs will win HOH every week, since all of the newbies generally suck at challenges.

Speaking of which, Sunday night′s show included the first Have/Have-Not Challenge. Three teams of two couples or pairs, Green, Blue and Orange, wore spongy cow suits. The task was to jump into a vat of milk, absorb as much as possible, then squeeze it out into a drain to fill six milk jugs. The first two teams to succeed would be Haves for the week, the losing team the Have-Nots. Blue Team: Jordan, Jeff, Danielle and Dick were first to fill all six jugs, which proved that the RPCs would dominate. The Red Team: Adam, Dominic, Keith and Porsche, also succeeded, which shows that they are the two stronger newbie pairings. Orange Team, with Lawon, Kalia, Shelly and Cassi lost. Not only are they only eating slop for the rest of the week, but they must sleep in the Have-Not bedroom, on just thin mats with bright lights on all night.

Rachel finally decides who to nominate for eviction after Dick solidifies his deals with Adam and Porsche. At the nomination ceremony, Keith and Porsche learn the bad news. Dick has assured Porsche that she is safe and will get the votes to stay in the house. So Keith is the target, but it was not long before Rachel began regretting her decision. SPOILER ALERT!!!

Okay, so what you will see on Wednesday night′s show is the following. Dominc, in his role as Chief Regulator, is trying to secure votes to keep Keith in the house and boot Porsche. Rachel overhears Dominic talking with Shelly in the bathroom. This puts Dominic on Rachel′s radar as a major threat to the Returning Power Couples alliance. During the Power of Veto competition, Rachel′s fiance, Brendon, once again proves his worth and he wins the POV, just as he often did last season. There is some talking of switching to get rid of Dominic instead, but, at the POV ceremony, Rachel and Brendon decide to keep Keith and Porsche on the chopping block.

So stay tuned for more Big Brother 13 recaps and spoilers as the season unfolds. My money right now is on the Returning Power Couples to dominate the game and eliminate the stronger newbie players pretty quickly. But the fun has just begun and it will be a long, hot summer in the Big Brother House!


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