Big Brother 13 Premier, Julie Chen Is In The House!

July 7, 2011

The premier of Big Brother Season 13 begins tonight at 9pm EDT on CBS. Host Julie Chen will for the first time join the house guests inside the Big Brother House for the first four hours of their captivity. Each season has a new twist. Last time it was ′The Saboteur′. What surprises will Big Brother unleash this season? The Big Brother cast this summer will also be an interesting one, as you shall soon read.

big brother 13 julie chen
Julie Chen, host of Big Brother 13, will participate with the new house guests for a short while in tonight′s premier. Image Credit: APEGA /

One of the new twists according to the rumor mill is that three past duos will join the house guests. These ′power couples′ will try to shake things up and cause as much trouble as possible. There will also be a second twist as this is the summer of ′Double Trouble′ on Big Brother 13.

In addition to the dynamic duos of the past, there will be eight new house guests vying for the $500,000 grand prize. So with 14 people playing, there should be plenty of drama for us to watch and enjoy. It also means that at some point, there will be double evictions, since most seasons are built around a cast of 12 players. Most of our favorite aspects of the game, such as the Haves and Have Nots, will be back to provide extra tension.

Tonight is the premier episode of CBS Big Brother 13. The show starts at 9pm EDT. Host Julie Chen will have some fun herself, joining the house guests inside the Big Brother House for a few hours. This season promises plenty of drama with the twist of past power couples returning in the summer of ′Double Trouble.′


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