Maria Shriver Buys 10 Million Dollar Home, Offered Record Book Deal

July 7, 2011

TMZ is reporting that Maria Shriver has plunked down a cool $10 million for a home close to where she and her soon to be ex-husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a house with their children. Additionally, Maria reportedly has been offered a record-breaking advance to write a book about her life growing up as a Kennedy and her marriage and subsequent divorce to Arnie. Get the latest update on Maria below.

Maria Shriver

Who says you have to wait till the divorce is final? Maria has moved on, people! She is putting the past behind her, and I was happy to hear that she filed for divorce from her cheating actor turned governor husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger last week. It reportedly was a long time coming, with Maria allegedly wanting to say Hasta La Vista for a few years now. I certainly hope that she can find some happiness in her life now.

It looks like she is well on her way. She reportedly bought a $10 million home in Brentwood after searching for one over the last six months. It’s just about a done deal, and is about to close. Good for her!

Speaking of deals, Maria has been approached to write a memoir about her Kennedy life as a youngster and what it was like to be married to philandering Arnie. Now this is a book I will pre-order no matter what the price. I can’t even imagine what it was like for her to find out that Arnold had fathered a child with a member of their staff, then for that same woman to give birth just days before their youngest child, Christopher, was born. The emotions undoubtedly ran the gamut for her, let alone what their children has been put through. Should she decide to pen such a book, it is worth a reported $15 million advance, a record, besting former President Bill Clinton’s rumored $12 million advance deal. A best seller for sure!

If Maria writes her memoir, will you be buying a copy?

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