Teresa Giudice To File for Divorce?

July 6, 2011

After all the drama is Teresa Giudice finally ready to file for divorce? Rumor has it the couple is suffering some serious marital problems and Teresa is finally done putting up with Joe’s antics.

teresa guidice

I am an avid fan of the Real Housewives series. It is one of my guilty pleasures, and I watch every season. I have been long wondering how Teresa is dealing with that box of rocks for a while.

They lost their home, things are going up for auction, Joe is getting DUI’s, now he is in trouble again, and this time it is for real. The rocket Scientist was recently arrested for obtaining false identification, and may face up to 10 years in prison. Classy.
According to an insider,

If he [Joe] goes to prison for years, Teresa will likely file for divorce…Teresa’s really angry at him, she can’t believe he got arrested again. She just can’t forgive him. The fact that he premeditated [illegally getting a driver’s license] and didn’t ask her what she thought has made her flip.

Life & Style also reported that after Joe’s most recent arrest, Teresa didn’t even bail her husband out of jail.

Well, after watching the show, I am not sure how girlfriend does it. No wonder she has anger issues, she is just taking it out on the wrong person! He husband is a hot mess. Teresa is out there working it trying to pony up some cash any way she can, and her jucie head guido of a husband is out there prancing around trying to be someone else. Literally. It’s a long time coming if you ask me.

Joe doesn’t really seem to do much, and he is also causing friction between Teresa and her brother. Time for good ol’ Joe to hit the road.

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