CNN Ditches Eliot Spitzer in Prime-Time Shake Up

July 6, 2011

Former New York Governor and escort-service patron, Eliot Spitzer, is getting dumped by CNN. Now called In the Arena, the 8pm time-slot program was originally called Parker and Spiitzer, as he was teamed up with journalist Kathleen Parker. CNN is shaking up its prime-time line-up, moving AC360 hosted by Anderson Cooper to 8pm. Piers Morgan will remain at his current 9pm time slot. John King′s show will be moved to 6pm and the 7pm hour will be replaced with a new show featuring host Erin Burnett, whom CNN has recently snagged from rival CNBC. The troubled network has been slipping in ratings, with even the lowly MSNBC, home of vulgarity, beating them sometimes.

cnn cancels eliot spitzer
CNN cancels Eliot Spitzer and his show In the Arena. Image Credit:

Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker were handed a difficult job when their show first started. They faced the King of Prime-time Cable-News, Bill O′Reilly. The Fox News Channel has dominated the evening hours for years. CNN even had trouble with competing against former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann and the still-employed Rachel Maddow. Speaking of which, MSNBC has gone from being just your usual, rabid Left-Wing propaganda arm for the DNC and has further devolved into Vulgarity Central.

Last week, MSNBC suspended Time Magazine editor Mark Halperin when he described Barack Obama using the d-word. Egged on by Morning Joe host and panelists, Halperin even inquired first if they were on a 7-second delay. But when he said the d-word, the stupid engineers pressed the wrong button and the comment was not censored. Even though it wasn′t his fault and Halperin apologizing, he was suspended indefinitely by the network. Chris Matthews started the club in 2007 invoking the phrase ″quit d-ing around″ and several f-bomb slips during live coverage of the Casey Anthony trial and one f-bomb during Maddow′s show.

CNN canceling Eliot Spitzer and replacing his In the Arena with Anderson Cooper AC360 is not unexpected. The bench is empty at the Atlanta-based cable-news network. John King is less than intelligible, Kathleen Parker is long gone. Piers Morgan has his niche and is failing. Erin Burnett, who just left CNBC, might be able to get an audience. But realistically, it does not matter what CNN does, since the Fox News Channel is in full control of the cable news market.


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