Tatiana Golovin’s Red Knickers (Photos)

June 27, 2007

Tatiana Golovin shocked the tennis world by wearing scandalous underwear at Wimbledon. So just what exactly is wrong with this picture of her knickers?

At stuffy Wimbledon, women wear white, final answer. Never in the age old traditions at the proper English tennis tournament has any lady dared to wear red underpants. And the jolly old boys are not so jolly about this move every time she had an innocent tennis moment.

Tatiana Golovin is a 19-year old gorgeous blonde tennis hottie from France. I hope that she survives the early rounds so that this hot French girl can be fully enjoyed during weekend play. See much more of her here.

Tatiana is originally from Moscow Russia but has citizenship in France. Her nickname is Tati. She has two sisters, Olga and Oxana. This tennis babe spent time in Florida as well, so she speaks three languages fluently!

As a celebration of a new celebrity sports babe, we add photos of Tatiana to our photo gallery. She is a fabulous athlete as you can see in the pictures below!

Visit Tatiana’s homepage.

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    Videos Musicales Says:

    I have no problem with her innerware.. :-)