Is Reese Witherspoon Pregnant With Jim Toth’s Baby?

June 30, 2011

Is Reese Witherspoon pregnant with Jim Toth’s baby?! That is the rumor!!

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Omg, how exciting! I adore Reese! I am so happy to see her with a new, good man, and continuing to be a wonderful mother and Hollywood icon at the same time. It would be so exciting if she were actually pregnant!

Here is the rumor circulating:

On Wednesday – while filming a new Mastercard commercial – the actress, newlywed and mom of two was spotted sporting not just her trademark smile, her golden hair but a bulging belly. Sure, it could have been that she had a big lunch, has taken a personal strict from going to the gym or is putting on the pounds for a role, but it really looks like it isn’t just some form of a beer belly but more like a baby belly.

She was also spotted stopping by the doctor’s office in Beverly Hills!

Her ex, Ryan Phillippe, currently (possibly, he is saying he is not sure) has a 21 year old actress knocked up and was seen attending a doctors visit with her last week. She is very, very pregnant.

Ava and Deacon may be getting a double dose of siblings. As excited as I am, that has to be so confusing for the kids! Both mom and dad are giving them siblings at the same time, just not together. Weird!

Oh well, that is life these days I guess, heh?

We shall wait and see if there is any truth to Reese being pregnant. Though I wouldn’t be surprised. She has said in the past that she would like more children. Only time will tell!! These pictures are way to hard to tell! She could just be wearing loose fitting clothing! We all need to relax too lol!!


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One Response to “Is Reese Witherspoon Pregnant With Jim Toth’s Baby?”

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    OST Says:

    That would be exciting news. Can’t wait to find out if it’s true!