Could Justin Bieber’s Ego Kill His Career?

June 30, 2011

The epic, insanely successful teenage wonder has been getting a little uppity lately, leaving some to wonder whether he needs to be reeled back in. But could Justin Bieber’s monster ego be his downfall.

Justin Bieber

The answer is most likely “no,” but it’s worth exploring.

About a month ago I was pleasantly surprised by stories that the Biebs was prancing around on the set of CSI acting his age. It was refreshing to hear that he was pulling some teenage antics, smashing his hand through cakes and generally acting “bratty,” as one actress put it.

Then I saw him appear on Rob Dydrek’s Fantasy Factory and was once again tickled by his less than perfect demeanor.

Could it be that he is just a kid after all?

Fast forward a few more weeks and you have a priceless video shot at the BET Awards showing the youngster calling a grown man a “douche-bag” out loud. Sure, he was standing between his two gargantuan bodyguards at the time, but it was not what you would expect from the boy wonder.

All of this is being nicely padded by a piece run in the Chicago Times this week, which claims that he has a “diva-sized” ego. The article says that those close to him are becoming painfully aware of his oversized ego, which they say is “as large as his worldwide popularity.”

The less than sparkling antics, the claims of a big ego, and generally growing up are most likely going to be the biggest threat to his success. He would be wise to get close people like Justin Timberlake who felt the buzz of success at a young age, yet somehow stayed grounded.

Otherwise he may be thankful his family is forcing him to save his money, after all.

Is the Biebs infallible? Or should he watch the attitude a little?


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