Taylor Lautner Funny Or Die Skit On The Way!

June 30, 2011

Twilight actor Taylor Lautner is said to have a Funny or Die skit on the way! Get the details surrounding a newly released photo of the star alongside a crew of heavy hitting NFL stars and a tweet from one Jonas Brother confirming the forthcoming video. Plus find out about Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey’s fighting words for Lautner!

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A Funny or Die skit featuring Taylor Lautner is scheduled to hit the web next Wednesday. The news was announced after a tweet went our across the twitterverse from Joe Jonas – “Why is Taylor Lautner trying out for the NFL?!? Find out next Wednesday on Funny or Die.”

Making the rounds is also a pic of the Jacob Black actor sitting happily amongst a group of large NFL players on a grassy hill. Lautner, who is a big football fan, fooling around on the set of his movies with a ball in hand, isn’t revealing much else. about his upcoming July 6th skit. You can see the photo featured over at The Hollywood Reporter.

Meanwhile, Teen Wolf’s lead star Tyler Posey stated in a Metro interview that he could take Taylor Lautner in a fight! I know a few million Twilight fans that wouldn’t be happy about that!

“You know, Taylor’s a cool dude,’ says Posey gallantly. ‘I think he’s got me beat right now in the fitness region. But in a werewolf fight? He actually turns into a full-on wolf and I turn into this half-man, half-werewolf creature. I dunno – I would have opposable thumbs, so maybe that would win, as he’s got paws. Maybe I could use them to gouge his eyes out.”

Posey’s statement sounds like it could draw some serious backlash from Team Jacob!

In the meantime stay tuned until next Wednesday when Taylor Lautner’s Funny or Die skit will make its debut, giving Breaking Dawn fans a good laugh!

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